Corporate Policy

In order to be able to satisfy all of the wishes and requirements of our customers, employees, suppliers and partners, we have based our corporate policy on three pillars:

  • Our quality policy
  • Our employment and health policy
  • Our environmental policy

We have gained respect in the market for the high quality, sophistication and reliability of our products and processes. Our company’s reputation is built on our consistent efforts to achieve a high standard of quality.

That is why we have developed high-grade products for our customers’ applications which meet industrial safety, product safety and environmental protection requirements, and which comply with all the relevant rules and legislation.

Our company’s goal is to steadily improve the regard in which we are held by every interested party through our focus on price, the meeting of deadlines, flexibility, quality, industrial safety, occupational health, and environmental protection; we also endeavour to be good partners, and to liaise between stakeholders. Our compliance with legal concerns and environmental issues as we pursue our business is central to our policies of quality and environmental awareness. Quality planning is a crucial corporate objective for the management of PROMECON which will help us to achieve these goals. The company’s internal quality targets are set out in writing in its quality programme and displayed on posters.

When we are developing new products, we consider not only quality, but also issues relating to industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection. This includes the use of state-of-the-art plant and equipment during preparatory and manufacturing processes. Our close cooperation with our customers, aimed at mitigating risks and hazards for anyone who comes into contact with us, underpins everything we do.

We care about our environment, which is why we have established rules on waste management and environmental management. Joint strategies, measures and guidelines must underpin this commitment, so that we can develop a leading role on environmental issues. Every PROMECON employee and contractor must comply with this policy and report any environmental, health or safety concerns immediately to the PROMECON management, which will take prompt action to rectify the situation.

Our Integrated Management System regulates the requirements to be met across the board in the fields of quality, employment, health and the environment, and governs the working lives of all of our employees. A skilled, highly-qualified workforce is our strength when it comes to providing our customers with tailored solutions. The Integrated Management System dictates how the necessary processes are to be planned, controlled and monitored, and thus makes an important contribution towards ensuring that our organisational, commercial and technical activities meet a high standard.