Peak Performance - latest technology for optimised operation of large scale mills



The article describes the task of accurately measuring gas flow through a large pulverizer such as a raw mill. Besides the pure mechanical layout of a pulverizer special attention has been given in recent years on the material and gas flow management through a large scale mill. The main aspects for this motivation are the product quality itself but beyond that also the flat lined operation of the pulverizer.

Optimised Grinding

The largest concern with grinding certainly is the quality of the processed product i.e. its fineness distribution as well as the nominal maximum throughput of a pulverizer at which it can keep the guaranteed fineness values.

A mill has three basic processes which act together in order to achieve the final grinding result:

The mechanical grinding part: This process is connected to the grinding elements of the mill, the tires, the bowl (on a vertical spindle mill) or the grinding media in a tube mill. ...