CRH plants convinced by McON Air performance

4 June 2018
CRH plants

We are pleased to welcome one of the 10 largest cement manufacturers worldwide as our customer. The CRH Group has ordered various McON Air Systems for plants in Germany and Spain in the past 12 months. The plants are very satisfied and received excellent results.

Our McON Air system is installed in 2 different applications in the CRH plants. The downcomer and tertiary air duct. At the downcomer the fan control can be optimized and the energy cost can be reduced with measuring the air flow with McON Air. With tertiary air measurement the following benefits will be achieved: The rotary kiln operation will be stabilized, the downtime of the calciner will be reduced and the usage of the alternative fuels can be increased.

The McON Air System is a gas flow measurement system for hot and dusty media. The direct measurement of hot and dusty gases opens new ways to monitor and control the cement production process. McON Air helps to maintain plant availability, save energy as well as money and protect the environment.