Drax Power Station biomass combustion with PROMECON technology

22 January 2018

PROMECON delivered a MECONTROL Coal biomass flow measuring system for a 600 MW unit with 48 burners at Drax Power Station located near Selby, North Yorkshire.  The system was selected after intensive tests in direct comparison with competition.  The mill screening with information from the PROMECON measurement and the associated reports confirmed the customer´s expectation and demonstrated how to improve the reliability, efficiency and stability of the combustion process.

The requirements for biomass fired power plants are significantly different from the ones with traditional coal firing.

PROMECON’s experience and results of mill and boiler screenings show that the most efficient and safe way to control combustion quality can best be achieved via control of the coal- and air flow to each individual burner. Similar to automotive engines with direct fuel injection the best way is always to control all fuel and air flows directly.  For DRAX Power Station the PROMECON technology is the preferred choice in that field.