Vertical Roller Mill air flow measurement for cement plant

7 March 2018

Beijing, China. SINOMA - a subsidiary of CBMI Construction Co., Ltd

After successful installation of McON Air flow devices at Nigeria Unicem and Azerbaijan Garadagh cement plants by SINOMA, PROMECON has been further awarded to supply the McON Air devices for Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) projects in Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda and Georgia.

Air flow measurement at VRM is a difficult topic in the cement industry, this is due to the short distance turbulent air duct and extremely high temperature dusty condition between the cyclone filter to the VRM.

Having a precise VRM air flow measurement enables operator to save energy used by the ID fan motor. This is the key benefit that SINOMA has chosen PROMECON’s McON Air digital air flow measurement to be fitted to their upcoming VRM project with Holcim in France.

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