Optimising coal or biomass combustion is our business

Lowering NOx emissions

Balanced pulverised coal massflow to the burners is crucial for low thermal NOx emissions. Learn how the MECONTROL Coal system lowers emissions....

Increasing boiler efficiency

MECONTROL Air is the first choice when balancing burner air for increased efficiency at decreased NOx emissions. Achieve drift free flow control to each burner or windbox, even at lowest flows (turndown ratio of >25:1). Measure full flow as well as any cooling air to highest precision

Optimising fly
ash quality

Non extractive analysis of unburned carbon in fly ash. MECONTROL UBC uses simple mechanical design and clever technology to make fly ash analysis extremely accurate (up to 0.2%) with lowest maintenance requirements. Truly world´s leading edge technology.

Low maintenance, high availability

Sophisticated, field proven technology designed for exactly your application guarantees short return on investment cycles and a unique customer benefit.

See what we can do for you


State of the art technology to resolve your combustion issues. Find out, which measurement, control and optimization tools we have for your combustion system.


Our clients around the world share something with you! They all have similar tasks and challenges to master their combustion to the desired targets of emmissions, efficiency (heat rate) and availability. Find out how we have jointly achieved higher targets in mastering combustion.

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