PROMECON undertakes complete efficiency testing on 6 units in Chile

E-CL Tocopilla Power Plant

ECL a Chilean utility owned by GDF-Suez is retrofitting six units in Tocopilla as well as Mejillones to the new environmental standards of Chile regarding NOx emission, SOx emission as well as Particulate emissions. Various OEMS from around the world are modifying the plants for low NOx combustion, new bag houses as well as hydrated lime injection.

ECL would like to ensure that the boilers will operate to spec before as well as after the retrofits. Especially the efficiency (heat rate), the back end temperatures as well as unburned carbon losses and the emission standards shall be guaranteed by the contractors.

PROMECON has been selected as the company to do the complete base line testing on all six units (two Mitsubishi (MHI) with 80 MW, two MHI with 130 MW, one Ansaldo unit with 350 MW as well as one B&W unit with 350 MW). The testing will be performed according to the EN 12952 part 15.

PROMECON will use its online equipment for:

  • Air flow measurement (MECONTROL Air)
  • Complete Flue Gas Flow measurement into and out of the Air Preheater (MECONTROL AHL)
  • Coal mass flow distribution (MECONTROL Coal + PSA)

On top of that PROMECON will perform Furnace exit Gas temperature (FEGT) as well as feed water flow measurements.

PROMECON will assist the client in the assessment of the plant before and after the retrofit measures by

  • extensive CFD analysis of the flows into and out of the boiler and air heaters
  • a complete thermal boiler model, computing all temperatures, gas- and fuel flows as well as enthalpies throughout the boiler as well as the I/Os of the water steam cycle.