MECONTROL UBC Systems for Power Station Moorburg

Power Plant Hamburg Moorburg © Vattenfall

Efficient City Power Plant
Hamburg/ Germany, One of the largest new coal fired power projects is the new power station Moorburg with a net capacity of 1640 MW and with a heating capacity of up to 650 MW. The close vicinity to the city Hamburg makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the units by up to 46.5% with electricity only and 61% with heating. With SH and RH temperatures of 600°C and 610°C respectively and fresh steam pressure of 276 bar it is a modern unit with state of the art design.

Proven Ash Quality Control
The ash disposal will be a major challenge as it shall solely be organized via vessel(and not by truck or rail). This means that the ash sorting and quality control according to EN450 will be a critical path for the Station’s performance. For this difficult task Vattenfall and the contractor for the ash handling, FLSmidth Möller, have selected PROMECON’s best selling MECONTROL UBC. The MECONTROL UBC system is the one that has been sold most in the world for tasks like this. This positive track record and the simple - low maintenance - mechanical design were the crucial aspects why FLSmidth selected PROMECON technology. We are happy to have one more reference with Vattenfall.

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