Power station in Karlsruhe

Newbuild Power Station in Karlsruhe

View of the construction site of EnBWs RDK8 power plant

Newbuild Power Station in Karlsruhe
EnBW is one of the biggest German energy suppliers. A major new build bituminous coal fired power plant construction project is the new boiler number 8 of the Rheinhafen Dampfkraftwerk (RDK) in Karlsruhe. The new boiler will have a capacity of 912 MWel with a heating capacity of 220 MWth. The unit will be erected beside the existing units RDK4s and RDK7 and have a net efficiency of > 46% without district heating.

Steam parameters:
Fresh steam: 600°C/275 bar at 2347 t/h
Reheat steam: 620°C/58 bar

Efficient and low emissions
As part of the plant’s economical scheme the carbon content of the fly ash is a key factor for the further usage of it in the cement industry. For the boiler operator unburned carbon in fly ash is a key parameter indicating pulveriser performance and combustion quality in the boiler.

Cost saving fly ash monitoring
PROMECONs MECONTROL UBC system is designed to measure unburned carbons non-extractive with a sophisticated and field proven analyser system. EnBW have had years of experience with the MECONTROL UBC system at their plants Heilbronn and Altbach (Stuttgart). Also the new plant will have a MECONTROL UBC system fitted to monitor the fly ash quality. The PROMECON system comprises accurate and fast measurements for unburned carbons in fly ash with minimum maintenance required. Furthermore the sampling technique ensures a good averaging of the fly ash volume and a good particle size distribution.