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kachel produkte mconaircompact

Online measurement system for measuring fuel mass flow

The patented MECONTROL Coal system helps you to

  • Balance fuel flow to the burners
  • Reduce fuel pulsations
  • Manage mill heat balance and mill dynamics
  • Reduce boiler load swings

Two independent measurement technologies

MECONTROL Coal utilizes two independent technologies to measure the mass-flow rate in pulverized coal pipes. The velocity measurement uses the time of flight of unique signal patterns created by particles contained in the gas. Density measurement is based on microwave resonance in the lower frequency range, matched to the typical pipe sizes in coal & biomass combustion

Advantages & Benefits

  • Reliable mass-flow measurement of pulverised coal and biomass
  • Independent measurement of velocity and density
  • Drift free - no calibration
  • No maintenance - no purging
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • No K-Factors - direct time of flight measurement