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McON Air Compact

kachel produkte mconaircompact

Reliable flow measurement for hot and dust laden gases - single channel solution

The McON Air Compact flow measurement system is a single channel solution which works according a patented correlation principle. The system measures the time of flight of unique signal patterns created by particles contained in the gas. Because the principle is time based it is accurate and drift free over the entire lifetime.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Reliable measurement of dust laden gases
  • Temperature range up to 1000 °C/1800 °F
  • Drift free - no calibration, no purging
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Turn down ratio up to 25
  • No K-Factors - direct time of flight measurement
  • Hot tapping solution for full plant availability
  • Even for emission monitoring: Most accurate measurement of the total stack flow