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Maximizing Downcomer Performance

From controlling airflow through the preheater tower to optimizing fan control and reducing electrical energy consumption, our sensor technology provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges of cement production.


Downcomer Optimization by PROMECON´s Gas Flow Analyzer

Optimization of airflow through the preheater tower:
Precise control of airflow enables efficient heat recovery, resulting in improved energy efficiency.

Real Time Fan control optimization:
Control your fan in real time to optimize throughput and improve material flow, resulting in higher productivity.

Reduce electrical energy consumption:
Our sensor technology enables fine-tuned control of plant components, minimizing electrical energy consumption without compromising product quality.

Rely on our sensor technology for reliable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient control of the downcomer process in cement production.

Benefits for Your Cement Plant:

  • Drift-Free & Low Maintenance: Experience hassle-free operation with our drift-free system, eliminating the need for frequent calibrations or purging. Virtually maintenance-free, it reduces downtime and enhances overall plant availability.

  • High Turn-Down Ratio: McON Air Compact offers a high turn-down ratio of up to 25, providing accurate measurements across a wide range of flow rates. This flexibility empowers precise control over your operations.

  • Direct Time of Flight Measurement: Say goodbye to complex K-factors. Our analyzing system directly measures the time of flight of gas particles, ensuring highly accurate readings without the complications of traditional methods.

  • Hot Tapping Solution: Minimize downtime and maximize plant availability with our hot tapping solution. Install or replace components on-the-go, ensuring uninterrupted production processes with our portable gas flow sensors.

  • Ideal for Emission Monitoring: Our flow measurement sensors provides the most accurate measurement of total stack flow, making it an excellent choice for emission monitoring and compliance with environmental regulations.

Elevate your cement production to new heights with McON Air Compact. Experience unmatched reliability, precision, and efficiency tailored to the unique demands of the Downcomer process. Partner with us for superior control and optimal performance in every operation.


Products for Downcomer Application

McON Air Compact

kachel produkte mconaircompact

McON Air Portable


McON Air Temp

What can you expect of the flow measurement with McON Air Compact?

Optimizing Cement Production with McON Air: Reliable Flow Measurement in Extreme Conditions

Enhance your cement manufacturing process with McON Air Compact, a cutting-edge air flow measurement system meticulously designed to thrive in the demanding conditions of the Downcomer process. Our innovative solution offers precise control, reliability, and unmatched efficiency, ensuring your plant operates at peak performance.

Key Features:

1. Reliable Flow Measurement for Harsh Environments: Our Downcomer analysis measurement device, provides accurate flow measurements even in extreme conditions, handling high temperatures and dust-laden with gases even at highest dust levels up to 2500g/m³, with ease. Its robust design guarantees dependable performance, essential for controlling the Downcomer process effectively.

2. Patented Correlation Principle: Utilizing a patented correlation principle, our digital  flow meter system measures the time of flight of unique signal patterns created by gas particles. This innovative approach with our patented technology, ensures accuracy and stability throughout the system's lifespan, making it an ideal choice for the challenging cement production environment.

3. Monitor your Gas Flow up to 1000 °C/1800 °F: With a remarkable temperature resistance capability, our digital flow measurement device stands up to the intense heat often experienced in the Downcomer process. This resilience ensures reliable operation in the face of extreme temperatures.

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  • Waste Heat Recovery Application

    Waste Heat Recovery

    • Application: Control and optimize the gas flow to the waste heat boiler.
    • Benefits: Efficient heat recovery maximizes energy utilization, reducing environmental impact and operational costs.
  • Vertikal Raw Mill

    Vertical Raw Mill

    • Application: Drift and maintenance-free measurement to control the recirculation of dust-laden primary air, optimizing the grinding process.
    • Benefits: Reliable measurement ensures optimal grinding efficiency, leading to improved productivity and reduced energy consumption.
  • Bypass Control


    • Application: Precise control of bypassed gas to reduce the accumulation of pollutants in the process.
    • Benefits: Minimizing pollutants enhances environmental compliance and contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable production process.
  • Downcomer


    • Application: Control of draft through the preheater tower, optimize fan control, and reduce electrical energy consumption.
    • Benefits: Efficient draft control enhances overall plant efficiency, while reduced energy consumption lowers operational costs.
  • Tertiary Air Measurement

    Tertiary Air

    • Application: Optimizes cement plant processes through precise tertiary air measurement and control.
    • Benefits: Stabilizes rotary kiln operation, reduces calciner downtime and increases the use of secondary fuels.
  • Clinker Cooler

    Clinker Cooler

    • Application: Detailed control of each cooler stage and balance of the rotary kiln combustion air, integrated with TAD and exhaust measurement.
    • Benefits: Enhanced control leads to improved clinker quality and reduced energy wastage, ensuring optimal cooler performance.
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