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Solutions for harsh metal applications

PROMECON supplied solutions for various thermal processing applications in the metal industry. Whether iron & steel or other metals - all of those need thermal processing during the production, refining or recycling processing stages.

EAF and BOF Plants

The most popular application is to measure the off gas from the EAF or BOF. The off gas from the furnace is a very large energy loss. By measuring the gas flow, the enthalpy is determined, and the plant can then work on reduction and optimization of the hot gas in order to decrease plant energy consumption. PROMECON has supplied gas flow measurement systems to Companies with expertise in reducing the cost of steel production. These Companies will offer PROMECON systems along in a package of hardware and software to guarantee the cost reduction for plant operation. PROMECON has also directly supplied gas flow measurement systems to ArcelorMittal, Gerdau Ameristeel, Tenova, Siemens VAI, V&M Star, Thyssen Krupp and TATA as well as other companies operating metal smelters.

Plant Particulate Removal Systems

Dust hoods within the plant are positioned and operated to maintain operator safety and comply with environmental requirements. The ambient dust to be controlled will vary throughout the heat cycle. And the volume of air required to eliminate the dust will also vary. By measuring the quantity of air flow required throughout the heat cycle the process can be optimized by reducing energy consumption of the fan and improving the removal efficiency if an electrostatic precipitator is utilized.

Iron Ore Processing Plants

With the increasing utilization of iron ore pelletizing plants another application in the steel industry became important. The use of iron ore pellets increases the productivity in blast furnace and reduces coke consumption. The air temperature during the different thermal processing stages in the pelletizing plant varies between 570 and 2,370°F (300° and 1300°C). To make the process energy efficient the different amounts of combustion gases required for the different process steps need to be measured and controlled. The PROMECON flow measurement system is used for process control of the hot and dusty gases at different iron ore pelletizing plants around the world.