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Green Steel is the next big thing


Sustainabile manufactoring is at the core of our mission at PROMECON.

In the last months, we developed McON Air IR, a flow measurement system that provides the following benefits:

  • Unique measurement system for high temperature applications
  • McON Air IR measures the air velocity directly and is calibration free
  • The measurement principle is digital, reliable and absolutely drift free
  • Direct gas-flow-measurement at the process outlet of EAF, BOF and lignite furnaces without additional flow by water quenchers
  • IR sensors are non intrusive and have no wear, long operation intervals without cleaning
  • Enables mass and energy balance to optimize energy intensive processes
  • Enables mass and energy balance for mill state controllers
  • Reliable control and optimization of dedusting sites results in direct savings of fan power

Visit our website for technical details and worldwide reference.

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