Webinar Digital air & gas flow measurement in modern Power Plants.

The process of burning any solid fuel including coal involves mixing the exact proportion of air at the right time. Primary and secondary air are vital to control the rate and efficiency of the combustion process. However, the challenge lies in the accuracy of air measurement. As an unreliable measurement system can cause additional costs, production inefficiency, and operational risks such as explosion. At PROMECON, we developed an innovative digital time-of-flight based cross-correlation technique to provide accurate airflow measurement within power plants.

Our presentation covers the following specific areas:
  • Primary & Secondary airflow measurement
  • Under grate flow measurement
  • Process gas flow measurement
  • Stack flow emissions measurement (QAL1 certification)
  • Aspects of SIL 2 certification

You will learn how to identify thermal and industrial problems using conventional Delta P measurement. In addition, it is an opportunity to explore new ways on how to replace the old measurement system by a digital new one.