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¬ PROMECON at Cemtech Conferences & Exhibitions Live Webinar: "Quality Control for Cement Plants" On Demand


Thank you for the great interest in the "Cemtech Live Webinar: Quality Control for Cement Plants". Many thanks from PROMECON to the organizer and participants for many interesting questions and contacts.

PROMECON´s contribution describes the state of the art in modern digital flow measurement of hot and dusty process gas flows. In this webinar the measurement technology is explained in detail by PROMECON´s CEO Hans Conrads. The basic advantages are discussed and application examples in a typical cement plant are shown. The examples of optimisation comprise the optimisation of combustion parameters, the lowering of NOx as well as the reduction of fan power. PROMECON's contribution can now be found on demand on our YouTube channel: PROMECON YouTube

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