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Webinar: Drift-free Gas Monitoring in Power Plants


How a digital measurement device reduces maintenance and inefficiency

Power plants often face the uncertainty of real gas flows, which are an important value for an efficient process control. For example, in the heat exchangers where rotating hoods cause considerable air leakage from the air side to the flue gas side. Caused by the large dimensions of the air heater the air volume is very difficult to determine. Conventional measurement solutions struggle with drifting values and delayed results. This leads to delayed, inaccurate and therefore inefficient process control.

This webinar will show you an easy and efficient way to cope with these kinds of measuring challenges in your power plant. You will learn how a smart solution, called McON Air, is able to provide real-time values by a low-maintenance online measurement – even in very dust laden gases up to 1000 °C.

Additionally, you will get to know the effects of successful realized optimization as well as technical details of this solution.

Find out, how PROMECON’s McON Air also optimizes your process and helps you to run your process faster and more effective. Register now and convince yourself!

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