Beater Wheel Mill control



Presented by PROMECONs CEO Mr. Conrads at the ICCI Conference in Istanbul, the publication describes a novel method measuring hot recirculation gas into a beater wheel mill and gives an outlook on the application of this measurement for the better control of the mill operation.

Novel methos using an optical signal

Beater wheel mills in lignite power stations usually have a flue gas recirculation duct which allows the use of hot flue gas to dry the lignite during the grinding process. The beater wheel itself is grinding element as well as mill fan at the same time. The speed of the wheel determines not only the crushing process of the lignite but also influences the gas flow through the mill. One of the operational issues of lignite mills is the correct control of the beater wheel rotational speed for which besides the feeder information and the airflows through the mill the recirculation flue gas flow into the mill is a process variable.