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Environmental compatibility of thermal processes

The aim of our company is to make the procedural processes transparent and to optimize them for our customers and partners in terms of environmental compatibility and cost savings. Furthermore, our goal is to act in partnership in order to achieve environmental compatibility and cost optimization and to ensure this in the long term. Compliance with legal regulations and environmental requirements in the course of our business activities is a central component of our quality and environmental policy. Quality planning is an important corporate goal for the management of PROMECON, which helps us to achieve these goals. The company's internal quality goals are set out in the management system.

Reliable quantity measurement for hot and dusty gases makes a lasting contribution to optimizing processes and protecting our environment. Energy-efficient - and therefore more environmentally friendly - processes and applications in many areas is our mission.

Our product McON Air is an example here.

Senkung der Lüfterleistung

Lowering the fan line

ENV3 improvement of balance
Reduzierung von SOx / NOx

Reduction of SOx / NOx

Optimierung des Schmelzzyklus im Stahlwerk

Optimization of the melting cycle in the steelworks