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Unique Tertiary Air Measurement and Control

Explore PROMECON's groundbreaking solutions for measuring and controlling tertiary air in separate line calciners. Our innovative technologies are designed to revolutionize your cement production.

Tertiary Air

Elevating Cement Plant Efficiency by PROMECON´s Gas Flow Analyzer

Precision Measurement and Control: With sensor-based tertiary air monitoring, you gain control over tertiary air supply. Our systems enable precise measurement and control, stabilizing rotary kiln operation and ensuring consistent production.

Reduced Downtime: By monitoring and controlling the calciner effectively, we minimize downtime. Our gas flow analyzer helps you identify potential issues in advance, allowing proactive interventions to prevent production interruptions.

Enhanced Use of Alternative Fuels: Precise tertiary air analysis facilitates the efficient use of alternative fuels. By optimizing tertiary air, we promote sustainable practices in your cement production, contributing to reduced operational costs.

By optimizing tertiary air in cement plants, you're on the path to a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable cement production. Contact us today to discover how our unique solutions can enhance your company's success!

Benefits for Your Cement Plant

  • Enhanced Operational Stability: Achieve consistent and stable operations with our tertiary air duct measurement device, ensuring reliable production and minimizing variations in product quality.

  • Proactive Maintenance: Identify calciner issues before they escalate, enabled by our patented digital gas flow meter, allowing timely maintenance interventions and reducing costly downtimes.

  • Sustainable Production: Increase the use of alternative fuels, promoting environmental responsibility while optimizing costs and maintaining operational efficiency, all made possible by gas flow meter working principle.

  • Industry-Leading Innovation: Rely on our patentend technology, McON Air Compact, the result of extensive research and development. It outpaces competitors and keeps your cement plant ahead in the market.

Elevate your cement plant's performance to unprecedented levels with our tertiary air measurement and control system. Experience unmatched precision, operational stability, and sustainability in every aspect of your production process.

Products for Tertiary Air Application

McON Air Compact

kachel produkte mconaircompact

McON Air Portable


McON Air Temp

Optimizing Cement Plant Efficiency with McON Air Compact Tertiary Air Measurement and Control

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in your cement production process with our state-of-the-art Tertiary Air Measurement and Control system. Designed specifically for monitoring and managing the tertiary air supply to the separate line calciner, this groundbreaking solution revolutionizes your operations.

Key Features:

1. Stabilize Rotary Kiln Operation: Our advanced air flow measurement system ensures stable rotary kiln operation by precisely measuring and controlling the tertiary air flow. This stability is essential for maintaining consistent production and high-quality output.

2. Reduce Calciner Downtime: Minimize downtime by gaining real-time insights into the calciner's performance with online analyzer. Detect issues promptly, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing unexpected interruptions in your production schedule.

3. Increase Usage of Alternative Fuels: Optimize the usage of alternative fuels by fine-tuning the tertiary air supply with by our kiln monitoring. This not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances cost-efficiency, making your production more sustainable.

4. Unique Measurement on the Market: Our solution, McON Air Compact, stands out as a unique offering in the market. Its innovative approach to tertiary air measurement and control ensures precise results, setting new standards for efficiency and reliability in cement production.

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  • Waste Heat Recovery Application

    Waste Heat Recovery

    • Application: Control and optimize the gas flow to the waste heat boiler.
    • Benefits: Efficient heat recovery maximizes energy utilization, reducing environmental impact and operational costs.
  • Vertikal Raw Mill

    Vertical Raw Mill

    • Application: Drift and maintenance-free measurement to control the recirculation of dust-laden primary air, optimizing the grinding process.
    • Benefits: Reliable measurement ensures optimal grinding efficiency, leading to improved productivity and reduced energy consumption.
  • Bypass Control


    • Application: Precise control of bypassed gas to reduce the accumulation of pollutants in the process.
    • Benefits: Minimizing pollutants enhances environmental compliance and contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable production process.
  • Downcomer


    • Application: Control of draft through the preheater tower, optimize fan control, and reduce electrical energy consumption.
    • Benefits: Efficient draft control enhances overall plant efficiency, while reduced energy consumption lowers operational costs.
  • Tertiary Air Measurement

    Tertiary Air

    • Application: Optimizes cement plant processes through precise tertiary air measurement and control.
    • Benefits: Stabilizes rotary kiln operation, reduces calciner downtime and increases the use of secondary fuels.
  • Clinker Cooler

    Clinker Cooler

    • Application: Detailed control of each cooler stage and balance of the rotary kiln combustion air, integrated with TAD and exhaust measurement.
    • Benefits: Enhanced control leads to improved clinker quality and reduced energy wastage, ensuring optimal cooler performance.


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